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Levinta Studio


Welcome to Levinta Studio – a place where family and care become the foundation of everything we do. We are the Levintas family: Artemiy, Ekaterina, and our inspiring daughters, Kira and Vera. Our journey together spans almost a decade, and we are happy to realize that family is not only our strong support but also the basis of health and stability in any relationship.

At Levinta Studio, we value and embrace family values. We are inspired by the love, respect, and support that our loved ones provide us, and we strive to create the same feeling around us – among friends and in society as a whole.

We believe that family is the foundation of society, and caring for children is our paramount mission. The love, tranquility, and development that we provide to children determine their future. That's why we opened Levinta Studio – to create a cozy place where your children can grow, learn, develop, make friends, and explore the world with us and our team.

In our studio, you will find many opportunities for physical development, intellectual growth, creativity, and joyful entertainment for the whole family. We have created this space with the thought of caring for every member of your family, providing support and inspiring an active lifestyle filled with all the colors of evolving trends in the world of sports, creativity, and education.

Our mission is to be there for you, helping you take care of your family, providing healthy and active leisure for your children, making them confident, curious, and versatile. We strive to create conditions for a happy and satisfying family life, inspiring ourselves and others to creativity, development, and joy of life. Join us at Levinta Studio – your home of soul and development, where every member of your family will find something special for themselves.

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At LEVINTA STUDIO, every child is unique - to us, they are like friends of our own daughters or children of our close friends. We create a warm, caring atmosphere where your child feels at home. Our goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment where children can grow and interact in a healthy and friendly world.


Our team brings together the best in their field: winners of sports competitions, experienced teachers, and highly qualified judges. With our assistance, your child will receive quality education and development both in sports and education.


We are always ready to listen to your wishes and strive to meet all your needs. Recognizing the uniqueness of each family and its values, we make every effort to ensure your child feels confident and supported.


We are constantly searching for new ideas and approaches. At LEVINTA STUDIO, innovative events and programs are regularly held to provide diversity and interest in learning and leisure. Our goal is to grow and develop together with your families!

Levinta Studio


We believe that martial, sports, and intellectual arts are not just exercises but a path to harmony, discipline, and self-control. These arts contribute not only to body flexibility and agility but also to the development of creativity, imaginative thinking, and fantasy. With our unique approach to education and acquiring new knowledge, students become intellectually developed, versatile, and sociable.

In our studio, we create a unique space where every student can unlock their potential and achieve success in their choices, calling, and dreams. We teach not only technique and sports skills but also important life values: empathy, self-confidence, self-control, and respect for the world around them. Understanding the importance of overall well-being, we promote a healthy lifestyle.

Our philosophy is to inspire our students towards self-improvement, help them overcome obstacles, and cultivate a character that stands out not only on the training ground but also in everyday life.

Join our big and friendly family! Give your children the opportunity to realize their potential, develop their talents, and participate in exciting programs at LEVINTA STUDIO. And we, along with our team, will do everything possible to ensure that every moment spent with us is unforgettable for you and your children!

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